BLATNOVA is looking for a label for a release in/before January

BLATNOVA is looking for a label for a release in/before January.

Preferably a label who isn’t shy of me doing contemporary classical, as well. Even better, a label who embraces it. It’s all music and it’s all output. Sometimes you want to sing your heart out and do a little dance. Sometimes you want to be abstract, listen to sounds just painting pictures. Isn’t it just so?

You might wonder why you can hardly hear any tracks on my website – I’ve put up songs on my website for years, but what’s the point of a release? Please explain to me. All the surprise is gone. Or am I wrong? Whenever I buy music it’s like a world of wonders that opens up to explore.

There’s a load of tracks I can send to an interested label to listen. I’ve gigged in the Netherlands and Belgium for years, Adam Walton BBC R Wales plays everything I send to him (I live in Wales).

On top of that… if Vogue Knitting New York likes to put it on their catwalk in January, my indie pop can’t be that bad, right?

Contact me with ideas, please serious interest or suggestions only. Thank you. 



This fabulous photo is by Bronwen Sharp

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