‘Jobina Tinnemans as BLATNOVA’ establishes a magical biotope where acoustic ecology, science fiction, minimalism, sound processing and songwriting can coexist peacefully next to each other. From this recipe Jobina cooks up a weird alchemy: while you’re listening you will discover a little door in the speakers of your soundsystem. You pass and enter a new universe.

Away from the formal world of contemporary classical music, Jobina writes her BLATNOVA songs on hammond organs held together with sticky tape, toy synths rescued from dumpsters and found sounds from nature. From these humble ingredients she conjures soundscapes that carry you away into a world of haunting melodies and sultry vocals, backdropped by an expansive sonic landscape of restless rhythms and mesmerising electronics.

Tinnemans started out as a conceptual designer in the Netherlands, yet gradually her second career of being a musician and producer took over and BLATNOVA, a moniker inspired by 1960s Russian rocket engineering, was born. In this period Tinnemans lived in deserted industrial office blocks in Eindhoven. The expansive space and factory settings all helped to influence and shape her music, in that it expresses that sense of redundant spaciousness and the street sounds of its commercial district just within earshot – present yet indistinct. During this time Tinnemans honed her skills, performing many BLATNOVA concerts in unusual urban spaces such as bunkers, gasometers and derelict buildings across the Continent.

In 2008, having decided that the best place for her musical aspirations would be the UK, Tinnemans packed up a truck with her synths, six Hammond organs and a prepared piano and moved to the remote hillsides of rural Pembrokeshire under the mistaken impression that London wouldn’t be that far. It proved to be serendipitous: the wild and untamed countryside struck a chord in the heart and soul of Jobina and natural soundscapes and textures have become a major influence in her music.

At around this time Tinnemans started to compose contemporary classical music under her own name and the music genres that make Jobina Tinnemans and BLATNOVA became separate.

As Tinnemans has grown and evolved as a human being, so has her music evolved to show a more emotional and heartfelt persona. At once quirky yet formal and as naive as it is wise, BLATNOVA expresses the feelings and solitude of rural wildlands and the industrial heartland all at once. As a highly skilled producer in her own right as well as a writer and performer, Tinnemans produces all her own work and occasionally for others.